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Voted “Best of the Bay”, Emergency Pest Patrol has provided pest control, termite control and rodent control services to the Tampa Bay areas’ finest homes and businesses since 1997. With over 40 combined years experience in the Tampa area, we are Tampa Bay’s pest control leader, specializing in Subterranean termites, Drywood termites, roaches, ants, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, fleas, ticks, fire ants, carpenter ants, wasps, yellow jackets, rats, mice and now, bedbugs, opossum, raccoon,birds, squirrel, even armadillo wildlife removal and more to come!

What makes Emergency Pest Patrol different?

We’ve created the most innovative and advanced pest control systems by grouping the most common pests that affect our homes and offices, considering environmental impact and effectiveness, then designed a pest control service for each group of pests using non-traditional methods. Like our ODie™ Once-A-Year pest control system that just targets roaches, ants, spiders and silverfish. Every home and business has roaches, ants, spiders and silverfish, so every home or office could benefit from ODie. ODie is a very thorough pest control system that only targets and eliminates this group of pests with no indoor sprays or smells. You will find each and every service is targeted and designed around a “what a customer would want, perspective”. We exclusively perform.

Integrated Pest Management Plus. IPM+ is 21st century pest control. But, we go one step further.

IPM is implementing a targeted, pest control strategy, using no or minimal pesticides and yet achieve 100% control with little or no affect on the surrounding environment. True IPM is reactive only. We go a step further, by applying what’s necessary to prevent the pests return once the pest is eliminated. This is a complex approach that can only be achieved through knowledge and understanding of each species of roach, ant, spider, termite, rodent, flea, tick, wasp, bedbug, etc. as well as knowing your home or office construction. Pest control is at the source, not at the site. This is the only way to achieve 100% control with the least exposure to pesticides. Available now, exclusively at Emergency Pest Patrol!

Emergency Pest Patrol is green!

What is green? Environmental ergonomics! We do our best to treat as natural and pest target specific as possible. It takes a little longer to do pest control this way,
but it’s better for you, for us and for the environment. It only makes sense that pest control is less harmful than the pest we are controlling.
Experience the difference green makes!
Call or e-mail today!

No Salesman!
Our prices are on-line & our customers are our advertisers.

Salesman! Need I say more? They add to the cost of each service, offering nothing in return except sell you things you probably don’t need or want. You’ll be impressed with the time we’ll offer to help you understand the pests you have, what we offer and prices. No surprises!!! All your termite control, rodent control, bed bug and pest control questions are always answered without cost or obligation through this web site, by our office support team or your area technician. Never any pressure!!! Knowledge is power! Emergency Pest Patrol’s technicians have over 80 years of experience in termite, pest and wildlife control here in Tampa Bay. We believe “An educated customer is the best customer”. We believe so strongly in empowering you through education, that our library has a DO-IT-YOURSELF pest control, self help section for each pest. Still not sure… click the ASK tab, send us your pictures or questions for a free diagnosis and helpful control tips. Technicians from all over, do it all the time. Check it out and tell a friend to log on today!

Why the name Emergency Pest Patrol?
As a customer, you become a member of our family
and our first priority!

Working for a former pest control company, I constantly challenged their philosophy of sell, sell, sell! I expressed the golden rule of… service, service, service and let our customers speak for us! This “service first” core belief, has earned us the prestigious award of “Best of the Bay”. As our pest control customer, we guarantee you a round the clock response in the event of a covered emergency and same or next business day response for all other “non emergency” call backs. Most of our pest control call backs are handled within minutes of your call due to being centrally located in the heart of the Tampa Bay area!
Compare and see why we say…
“We’re on patrol for you!”
And as you would expect, all our services are…
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!


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Excellent service, excellent staff, excellent results. Please use us a reference. Jason is excellent. Very smart!

Carrollwood Village

Everyone is great! That’s why I keep renewing year after year. Plus I used to be a technician there and know the core values of the company.

West Tampa

Michael was great, your company is impressive and Jessica is wonderful!

South Tampa

Very friendly and helpful technician!

South Tampa

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